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Gear Hearts

World Clock Journals Book Two

Time can’t heal these wounds.

At least, not with a broken time machine ripping them open again and again, every hour on the hour.

Pearl Shelley thought that leaving the Clockwork Apothecary to help Dr. McCaffrey at the Post Boston Infirmary would take her mind off Dorian and the future she can never have with him. But when she discovers a sinister plot to salvage the malfunctioning time machine and use it to hold the world hostage, Pearl knows she must brave the heartache of Late Boston once again. Though she will need help...

The last thing Captain Leopold Lu Guin remembers is watching his blushing bride-to-be walk down the aisle—right before the earth split open beneath them and the world went black. After waking to discover that he’s been in a coma for the past three months and everyone in the city is in mortal peril—including his new wife—he accepts Miss Shelley’s plea for assistance to locate the one man who might be able to help shut down the machine before it’s too late: his new father-in-law, Ezra Huxley.


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